Why buy Valorant Smurf from BuyValorantAccounts.Com?

Why buy from us?

We appreciate you coming to BuyValorantAccounts.com, the #1 site to purchase a Valorant account.

It certainly sounds like a big statement. Well, we are pretty serious when it comes to selling Valorant smurf accounts.

What makes us the top provider of Valorant accounts, then? Great customer service and high-quality smurfs are key to our philosophy. Every single one of our valorant accounts is meticulously leveled utilizing a special technique that our professionals have created. Our accounts are the safest on the market as a result of this. This not only prevents your account from being suspended, but we’ve also transformed the smurf market to make it better and more secure for users.

We were the first Valorant account supplier to launch our Lifetime Guarantee in 2020. If we make any mistakes, this safeguard prevents your account from being banned, and it works. We’re proud to say that we don’t have many bans, but it’s impossible to prevent every account from being banned, so any smurf seller who says they have no banned accounts is lying.

Our Lifetime Guarantee has thankfully shielded our consumers and offered them a new account absolutely free of charge.

Every smurf seller now provides this Guarantee, and we’re proud to have improved consumer safety in the market. Unfortunately, not all of these vendors are fully trustworthy and won’t keep their word. Our lifetime guarantee has always been kept.

Below are some of the reasons why BuyValorantAccounts is the greatest and safest location to get a Valorant account. We at BuyValorantAccounts.com strongly believe in openness and honesty. Check visit our FAQs if the solution to your query isn’t provided here.

Buying an account: Customer safety

“Purchase was quick, simple, and the response time to questions was almost immediate. Thanks, guys”

Our first concern is the safety of our customers. There is absolutely no danger in purchasing a Valorant account from us since we take every precaution to keep your personal and payment information as safe as we can. Make sure you always verify that anyone you buy a valorant account from performs the following to safeguard your safety and security since some account vendors have a very loose attitude toward consumer safety and security.

Website secure with https

All information you send to us is entirely protected and encrypted to the greatest standards thanks to HTTPS, which secures our website. This stops outsiders from intercepting your information and exploiting it against you. It’s best practice to confirm that any website you purchase something from uses HTTPS encryption, and buying a valorant account is no exception.

If an account seller’s website isn’t encrypted using HTTPS, we advise you to quit it right away.

Guaranty for a lifetime

If your account is banned due to our error, we’ll provide you a brand-new one without charging you anything!

We didn’t anticipate our Lifetime Guarantee to completely change the industry when we first offered it. Previously, we were the only vendor to provide this, but other sellers have since imitated our Guarantee in an effort to remain competitive.

Sadly, a lot of these merchants won’t keep their word and frequently resort to deceit and dishonesty to keep from giving you the account you deserve. We are pleased to report that we consistently uphold this commitment and have the finest track record and most positive ratings of any smurf vendor in the industry.

This implies that if your account is banned due to our error, we’ll provide you a brand-new one without charging you anything! We’re different from every other account vendor out there who would claim that “all sales are final” and decline to assist you if the account is banned. Your pleasure is, after all, our first priority.

All account information is provided

Most Valorant account vendors will sell you an account but withhold the recovery details (name, date of birth, email etc). You will be left out of cash and without a Valorant account to show for it as they utilize this information to retrieve the account themselves and sell it to another unwary customer!

We are unique.

In the event that you forget your password or get hacked, we provide you with as many recovery details as we can so you can always restore the account on your own. We think that once you purchase the account, you should be entitled to all the details!

Safe payments

We do not have access to your payment information because Stripe serves as our primary payment processor. One of the most reputable and trustworthy payment processors in the world, Stripe, handles everything safely and securely. Additionally, it enables you to pay with any currency because it will convert it to USD immediately. You don’t need to enter your credit card information into our website when using Stripe, a simple payment method that guarantees consumer security. It uses a third-party website for which you can securely complete the purchase without creating an account.

Most consumers worry about where they enter their bank information online, and we completely understand this issue. You may be confident that your payment information is completely safeguarded by a secure third party over which we have no control as we neither keep nor even access your payment data. Stay tuned for more details as we may soon add Bitcoin or Paysafecard as ways to buy Valorant accounts from us! We are always looking to add new secure payment methods.

Account instant delivery

Your new account information is safely emailed to your mailbox as soon as you pay for your account thanks to our quick delivery technology. When you buy a Valorant account from us, you won’t have to wait around for an email that might never arrive or wind up in spam, as is the case with other account dealers. Our site design team is also hard at work putting up a system that will let you retrieve your account information through us utilizing an automated approach. This technique will offer no delay and ensure that you never lose your account information again.

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