Buy Valorant Accounts Terms of Service

Who we are

These terms will control how you use this website and the services it provides. You accept the conditions in this agreement by using or buying BuyValorantAccounts goods or services.

Summary of services

For a price, BuyValorantAccounts provides you with a Level 20 account for the well-known “Valorant” video game from Riot Games. These accounts are a way for gamers to create a fresh, “clean” account for playing that lacks good standings. BuyValorantAccounts guarantees that each account has a minimum win rate of 45% and level of 20. Nothing in these conditions grants you any ownership rights in any intellectual property owned by Riot Games, the owner of these accounts. These conditions do not release you from any responsibilities you may have under a contract you may have with Riot Games.

Refund policy

We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the product(s) you bought are faulty, as decided in our sole and absolute discretion. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Instant delivery policy

The maximum delivery time for one of our accounts is five minutes after your purchase. The delivery is 100% free and automated to the email address provided upon purchase. Please get in touch with us here if you haven’t yet gotten your account.

Lifetime guarantee

Because BuyValorantAccounts values its clients, we offer a warranty for each account. One new account will be given if Riot Games bans an account you bought from us. These requirements must be met in order for this guarantee to apply:

  • Within 15 (fifteen) days following the ban, a copy of the ban notice and the explanation for the ban is sent to [email protected]
    that “Purchase of an account” or “Use of a 3rd party application to level to 30” or its close equivalent is the basis for the ban.
  • At least one game was played on the account after the purchase.
  • No replacement account has yet been sent to you by us.
  • After acquiring the account and BEFORE playing any games, you changed the registered email address and password.
  • The region where the account was located was not changed.

The guarantee will not be valid if any of these requirements are not satisfied. Bans resulting from your own actions, such as but not limited to inappropriate behavior, hacking, or excessive swearing, will never be covered by the guarantee. Per bought account, only one replacement account may be used. No reimbursements will be given; we only offer replacements for banned accounts.

Rights to intellectual property

Riot Games owns all of the intellectual property related to Valorant that is utilized on this website. The site’s proprietors are the exclusive owners of all rights to any original content published on the website. No rights to the intellectual property of Riot Games or the website owners are granted to you in any way by these terms.


The following information is gathered by BuyValorantAccounts about its users and clients: When you buy something: Your email address and other details you input on our forms will be collected by us for internal analytics reasons and to give you access to your account information. – We will use your information to get in touch with you and give you information about your account, such as instructions on how to access it or keep it up to date if something goes wrong. Utilizing our website, you: Cookies are used on our website to enhance user experience. You may get rid of them using the regular tools your web browser offers.

Our commitments: BuyValorantAccounts will never sell your information to third parties and will only use it internally to improve our services, get in touch with you when necessary, and conduct marketing campaigns if you joined our mailing list.


With the exception of the warranty, BuyValorantAccounts makes no further guarantees on the accuracy of its accounts. To the fullest extent permitted by law, BuyValorantAccounts disclaims any liability for any errors or harm resulting from the use of a supplied account. The following indemnification condition is accepted if you buy an account from us. It must be written in full capital letters for legal reasons. Your legal obligations and rights are impacted by this clause. Please make sure you’ve read it and comprehended it. The customer will defend, indemnify, and hold BuyValorantAccounts, its owners, agents, employees, and volunteers harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses, or lawsuits, including attorney fees, arising from or resulting from the customer’s or BuyValorantAccounts actions, mistakes, or omissions in carrying out this agreement. YOU AGREE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INTERRUPTION WITH ANY EXISTING CONTRACTS UNDER WHICH YOU MAY CURRENTLY BE RESPONSIBLE.


This website’s content is only provided for informational reasons. The data on this page is given by BuyValorantAccounts, and while we make every effort to keep this material up to date and accurate, we make no guarantees for its correctness, appropriateness, availability, or any other aspect of its availability. Your use of this information is entirely at your own risk. Any loss or damage, including without limitation indirect or consequential loss or damage, as well as any loss or damage whatever resulting from lost data or profits, arising out of or related to the use of this website, will not be covered under any circumstances by us. You are possible to access other websites through this one that are not managed by BuyValorantAccounts by clicking on links within this website. The nature, content, and accessibility of those sites are all outside of our control. Any links provided are for convenience only and are not intended to be recommendations or endorsements of the content found there. Every effort is taken to maintain the website’s availability and functionality. BuyValorantAccounts, however, disclaims all liability and is not responsible if for any reason the website is temporarily down due to technical problems that are not within our control.