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Why do people buy Valorant Iron Accounts?

People frequently criticize the MMR hell, their problems with teammates, and their tendency to be unreliable. Well, let me tell you that you are still in the dark about all you have seen unless you have personally experienced Iron. When you create a new Iron account, you decide to surround yourself with the game’s weakest players—the lowest 1%, who are so bad that words can’t even begin to describe them. Iron is an experience to play in.

Why on earth would I want to play in Iron or even hold an Iron account, you may be asking. First things first, it will be difficult for you to get one into Iron on your own. Before your account reaches that level, even if you start in Bronze or Silver, you’d need to lose so many games that you’d probably get banned for purposely feeding. Considering the new placement operation? You can’t even begin close to Iron.

We are giving you an exclusive experience. You’ll be able to play whatever game you want, wherever you want, and you’ll be so much better than average player that every game will be a piece of cake. Because you can play these accounts with practically any agent, in any position, with any build, and still outperform everyone else in the game.  This is the place to start if you want to experience a grind across all Valorant rank or if you want to establish your own series.

Unquestionably, the greatest location to begin training agents or strategies is in an environment where you can be sure that nothing your opponents do will come close to matching what you can do. These Iron games are more hilarious and enjoyable than any Valorant matches you’ve probably played in a while!

Why not simply rank your smurf?

It takes a lot of time and effort to level a new account if you wish to start over. To level an account from 0 to 20, it requires 120 hours of gameplay.

When you eventually reach level 20, you must de-rank the account to Iron, which requires 20 to 30 consecutive defeats. It’s much difficult than it sounds to accomplish that without obtaining a suspension. If you intentionally lose games, players become quite angry. Tickets are turned in, notifications are given, and lost games drag on for far too long. Not to mention that others will look at your match history and that you will dodge repeatedly while attempting to enter matches. Preparing a Iron account is an exhausting, time-consuming procedure that is typically not worth it due to this danger and the huge amount of effort required.

Save money and time by purchasing an Iron Valorant smurf!

Thankfully, we are here to offer a quick and affordable solution so that you may immediately start again! Our hardworking account creation crew is prepared to put in the effort by establishing brand-new accounts and downgrading them to Iron. These accounts have a starting price of $29.99. Our accounts have some agents, level 20, and a total of more than 130 hours of gaming time. An average account costs $29.99, which works out to about $0.23 per hour of gaming. Save your valuable time and let the experts handle it. You may start playing right away without any difficulty or effort if you do it that way.

Cheap Accounts = Botted Accounts

We wish to issue you a word of warning if you are still on the fence about our service and plan to search for a better one. There are probably more affordable account choices available, but you need to think about it. Who sets up these accounts, and how come the costs are so low? The explanation is that they are scripted and manufactured in large numbers. Riot’s bot detection algorithm flags these accounts as soon as they are created because they pose a significant danger to the buyer. You as the buyer will have a ticking time bomb till the account is deactivated since these accounts are then banned in large waves rather than immediately after creation.

With our ten 2 years of expertise, we can declare with complete assurance that we provide the most affordable and premium 100% Hand Leveled accounts available. With the belief that you won’t require it, we provide a lifetime guarantee on our accounts.

Which type of account are you looking?

Iron rank account

Level 20 smurf

Full Access, that means you can change account email and password

Account names are neutral and simple to remember

100% Hand leveled by our account creation professionals; NOT botted.

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