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You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the largest selection of valorant accounts for sale. We have a large selection of valorant smurf accounts for different regions in addition to hundreds of ranked ready valorant accounts for sale. Check out our account store if you wish to purchase val accounts for your friends to play on the rift. There is no better site to get level 20 Valorant accounts online than BuyValorantAccounts, which offers exceptional buyer protections, payment security, and comprehensive account details with every order.

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What Is A Valorant Smurf Account?

You won’t find a better site if you’re looking for the highest quality Valorant smurf accounts and ranked ready smurf accounts. Let us explain what a Valorant smurf account is for those of you who are unfamiliar. Everyone’s level on League of Legends is set to 1 when they first create an account. Boring!

The good news is that additional agents and more game elements will gradually become available as you play games and level up. The bad news is that it can take a while. You’ll eventually have access to playing competitive matches after you reach level 20. In Valorant, competitive matchups are where the excitement starts. You compete with other players to become the best by playing competitive matches with pals.

Unfortunately, as we already mentioned, your VAL account must be level 20 in order to play ranked matches. We’ve developed a quicker method because it can take a very long time to get there. You can purchase a level 20 Valorant account that is prepared to play in ranked for less than $1 per level. This implies that you can skip spending months leveling up and just buy an account, log in, and leap right onto the rift.

As you’ve seen, the time saved by purchasing a game account makes it clear why they are so well-liked. As a result, there are now hundreds of different game account sellers on the market, which has caused the Smurf market to explode. Unfortunately, the majority of these people sell shady accounts with high ban rates and show little regard for their consumers. We give a lifetime Warranty since we are so confident in our accounts. In the unlikely event that you run into any issues, you can rest easy knowing that our help has been rated 4,68 stars out of 5 by 1120 customers. Because of this, we can claim with confidence that Buy Valorant Accounts defeats them all.

In conclusion...

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"If you pay a really low price at other sites, you'll likely obtain a mass-produced game account that will be likely to be banned."

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It’s likely that you’ve come across the hundreds of various smurf account dealers available if you’ve searched online for cheap Valorant smurfs. So why choose Buy Valorant Accounts store over another vendor when purchasing a Valorant account? We didn’t anticipate you asking! We provide full recovery details in case you forget your details in addition to rapid on-screen delivery for all of our smurf accounts. It happens surprisingly frequently, so don’t worry—you’ll have everything you need to restore your Valorant account. Do you believe we are currently the best store to buy Valorant game accounts? We’re just getting started, so don’t worry.

Paying less results in a mass-produced account that is more likely to get banned. You’ll have less money and no Valorant account if the merchant continues to ignore their support email. Our accounts differ greatly at BuyValorantAccounts. What actually sets us apart from our rivals are our accounts. You will be aware of the time and money it can be a waste if you’ve ever had accounts banned. You spent a lot of time and effort playing your games in addition to the $20 you paid for the account. Imagine working hard for weeks to earn Diamond before discovering one day that your game account has been suspended. rely on us; we understand how does it feels.

In addition to providing all of that, we also have a very secure website that uses SSL encryption technology to keep you safe from hackers. Your payment information is 100 percent secure when used in connection with our secure & audited payment processor. Let’s finally get to our accounts. Our accounts are incredible—indeed, they’re the BEST available. Our smurf accounts are manually leveled by actual gamers, unlike many other smurf account vendors who will offer you cheap, subpar accounts that are clearly botted.

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You’ve arrived to the correct site if you’re sick of getting fooled by cheap VAL smurf vendors. Buy Valorant Accounts was established more than 2 years ago by individuals who, like you, formerly purchased smurf accounts. We were on a quest to change things since we had had enough of the bad customer service and frequent bans. We can confidently claim to have the greatest Valorant accounts available because of years of effort and meticulous attention to detail. For account payments, we take all popular credit cards, all of which are covered by our payment security guarantee.

We are glad to announce that, although not being the oldest Valorant smurf vendor out there, we are the most trustworthy and the only ones that include complete account information with every transaction. Because we were once consumers ourselves, we look after our clients until they are completely pleased. We won’t abandon you if you experience any issues with your account or account details. Our support staff has received significant investment, and they will be there for you at every turn. All of our Valorant accounts come with a free lifetime guarantee, and every order comes with complete account details as a way of demonstrating how much we value our clients.

Yes, we will replace your Valorant account for FREE if it is ever banned for our any mistake after you purchase it. Nobody in the smurf account market gave guarantees when we originally started in 2020. This, in our opinion, was inappropriate and gave the sector a very sketchy and dubious appearance. We implemented the lifetime warranty to increase customer confidence when buying. Even if some of them don’t honor it, within a year everyone in the Val smurf industry started acting in the same way. This just serves to highlight how dominant we are in the Valorant smurf market.


"We do offer smurfs across all regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Brazil, Latin America and even more."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is BuyValorantAccounts The Best Site To Purchase Valorant Accounts?

There are several factors that make BuyValorantAccounts the ideal location to purchase a Val account. There is a reason why we are the finest smurf seller, from our safe website with SSL encryption to our selection of trustworthy payment processors. Don't trust us? Additionally, we have a large number of 5-star ratings on the neutral review site.

What is the lifetime warranty you offer?

All of our accounts come with a free lifetime guarantee, which means that if your account is banned after you buy one or gets locked, it will be replaced. We'll either provide you a new account or assist you in recovering it. This guarantee excludes bans for in-game player conduct and only applies to bans resulting from faulty accounts.

Can I modify my account's information?

Yes! All of our Valorant accounts come with login information so you may access your account and make any changes you want. Even a step-by-step tutorial is available from us!

Which payment methods are accepted by you?

We presently accept a variety of payment methods, including some of the most reputable payment platforms & processors worldwide. Your information is handled securely and is never saved by BuyValorantAccounts or any other company. The most secure payment processors may be found with us.

How quickly will I receive my account?

Your account will be delivered to you in a matter of minutes, sometimes even seconds, once you confirm your order and provide payment. A copy of all the information will be emailed to your email address, and it will all be shown right away on the screen. No matter where you are in the world, our systems will promptly provide you your account since they are operational around-the-clock.

Can I immediately play competitive matches?

We provide a variety of accounts at BuyValorantAccounts. The majority of our accounts have 20 levels or more, so you may start playing competitive games right away.

Can I choose my username?

All of our Valorant smurf accounts have naturally occurring names that are chosen at random. You can always alter your summoner name in-game if, for some reason, you don't like it.

Are Lifetime Guarantees Available On Your Site Only?

While many other suppliers of smurf accounts make claims about offering warranties, many will back out and make excuses when it comes to giving out replacement accounts. We were the first account vendor to give this warranty and are presently the only one that keeps our word, having been in business for a while. You may feel secure knowing you are totally covered each time you purchase a Valorant from us.

I Was Banned For Hacking, Flaming, And Griefing, can I get a new account?

No! We won't be able to replace your account if it was banned due to something you did, including flaming, griefing, hacking, or cheating. Our terms and conditions clearly say that we only restore accounts that have been suspended as a result of our error. We will be unable to assist you if you are expelled due to your own bad behavior.